Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day One!

Last night I kicked off the Summer of Like.  I headed out to One Up (downtown) with my favorite wingman, S.  It was a different scene than I expected - someone was having a birthday party, so most of the people there knew each other.  I introduced myself first and foremost to the cucumber margarita. Big Success. :) I'm typically a wine or irish whiskey girl, but the cocktail menu was just too interesting to pass up.  The light and fresh cucumber margarita was a great summer drink. While at the bar catching up with S., I was thrilled to notice that I also knew one of the party crew- M.  M works in my building, and did some training at my workplace about a month ago.  He is amazing, has roughly 300 people clamoring to hang out with him at every moment, and I admit I'm one of them.  But the man only has so much time, so...enter wingman #2! M did a great job introducing me all around.  Before long, I was having knee slide contests on the dance floor and salsa dancing to truly terrible techno. (Sorry DJ, but you had several requests for 80s, funk, hip-hop, ANYTHING with lyrics, but you just didn't listen.)  
The most difficult part of the night was the "informed consent" clause.  Casually working "so I'm doing this thing where I ask someone out everywhere I go....want to do something? And can I write about it later?" into a conversation isn't easy to do.  Ultimately, this was executed mid-salsa spin. Chris was the birthday boy last night, and he's been looking for girls to dance with at Salsa Under the Stars.  I gave him my number, and figured I had about a 50/50 chance of him remembering me after he made it through the night.
Imagine my surprise when he called this morning and invited me to breakfast with him and the after party crew!  Ordinarily, going out to eat as a stranger among a group of friends would not be high on my to-do list, but this is the Summer of Like!  The eggs were good, and the conversation way better than the America's Next Top Model marathon.  All in all, a great kick-off to my crazy experiment.  Hopefully there'll be some salsa dancing in my future.

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