Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rationalizations and Rule breaking

Sorry it has been so long since my last update on the Summer of Like.  As predicted, I've already encountered some problems.  First, I broke rule #2.  There were some extenuating circumstances- I've been housesitting in the south valley, and have fallen into a deep void of large, flat screen HD cable TV, and 2 lush acres of gardens and orchards right on the river...can you blame me for wanting to stay in? I also had 2 out-of-town visitors last week, and it seemed rude to leave my friends/family during lunch/dinner to chat up strangers (excuses, excuses.)

Oh- big change to the rules- I'm totally asking women out. Limiting myself to male friends was silly to say the least.

 But onto the good news: week 2.  Friday night I went to salsa under the stars and met up with Chris (from last week.)  I also ran into my friend James and got to dance with him and his gang for a few songs. What an amazing venue!! I'm definitely going back one of these weeks (and I'll bring cash for the bar!)  Later we went to Nob Hill Bar and Grill where I ran into James again, as well as M- and this time we were blessed with a great DJ...and very strict bouncers.  I've never been scolded at a bar for kneeling on a chair!  I was having tons of fun, and kind of forgot to find someone new to introduce myself to.  BUT I did re-introduce myself to R. Like M, R did some training in my office a while back, only I was out of town for about 3.5 of the 4 weeks, so he's practically a stranger, right?  AND...I kind of forgot about the "informed consent" rule. But how important is that one when you technically already know the person? 

Funny thing about going out: you can become better acquainted with your acquaintances. 

Anyway, I think the biggest success took place Saturday morning.  I had an amazing morning and made a new friend in the Bosque bike path. 20 miles, plus breakfast with the girls at Java Joe's in between.  I've been a bike-a-phobe for years, and now I've converted. Talk about the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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