Sunday, June 21, 2009

breaking through the flocculent layer

I received an appropriate gift today.  A book entitled “The Year of Yes” by Maria Headley. This woman blows my sol out of the water. For an entire year, she goes on a date with everyone – regardless of looks, gender, etc. - who asks her out.  I can’t wait to read it.  Like me, she does it more out of a need to change her own views than to find a mate (or so I gathered from my 30 second perusal of the back cover.)  

It’s gotten me thinking. I feel I may have misrepresented myself and the summer of like a little. I don’t think friendships blossom out of force.  I don’t have high hopes of finding a new best friend, or a boyfriend.  I don’t think I come across as particularly shy or awkward. I realize that bars have their….limitations. And I’m not manically running through the streets of Albuquerque asking out everyone I see.  I’m just trying to have fun at all costs, do as many new things as possible, and meet people along the way. In short, I’m trying to live my life in Albuquerque the way I live it when I’m on vacation: fearlessly. 

Why all the disclaimers? Well, for one thing, they’ve been on my mind for a while. And I’m finding out that more people than I realize have found out about this little blog…and know who I am.  Which reminds me: my new friend Chris is devilishly handsome, kind and charming. (Happy?) And SS- you're downright suspicious. Lucky for you, you're friends with the Amazing M. Love, Breakfast. :)

Not much progress on new things or people this week.  I house-sat again in the south valley over the weekend, which translates to 2 days of riverside seclusion. And the Bill Murray marathon on AMC.  Friday night was amazing- I multi-tasked the CRAP out of it.  I went to a dinner party with old friends that I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing for a while….and had the newfound pleasure of bringing a date- my new friend B (from Imbibe). 

After dinner, we went very briefly to Gecko’s, where B & I met D & C.  We left shortly afterwards to meet up with Chris and his entourage (B was looking to leave town in a blaze of boogie glory), so we didn’t get to talk much. But you guys were nice and funny, and kind enough to let us share your table, so…thanks? Perhaps we’ll bump into each other again.

Chris and crew did not disappoint. They were like a theme party gone out of the house, and I’m a sucker for costumes. I didn’t really delve into meaningful conversation with anyone new, but why should I? I was out with two people that are direct products of the Summer of Like. I put on my my my my my boogie shoes, and had a good night. Club soda and all.  (Once, I put a shot of Jameson’s in it, too.)



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  1. If you've lost anonymity, I suggest you stop now. Peoples emotions are on the chopping block and you seem more and more hesitant to keep this up with each posting.