Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Okay cyberspace- I’m asking for your help…but I’m not sure what the question is exactly.
I am going through the terrible two’s of the summer of like. Friday night, I went out – grudgingly- to Monte Vista Fire Station. I got there late, drank some club soda, and left early.

Sunday, I literally had to drag myself out of the house. I decided to go to a coffee shop to read and maybe make a new friend. Instead, I ended up having to leave within 15 minutes because someone made me feel completely uncomfortable- and it takes A LOT to make me feel uncomfortable. Like, pull out your cell phone and cross the street unsafe-uncomfortable.

Which, by the way, didn’t work – this person FOLLOWED me – and I had to use the Bumblebee’s Batcave to escape. (Awesome find- you go downstairs and come out in the back parking lot- I highly recommend it for anyone needing to make a secret exit.)

Later Sunday evening I met my friend Heather at Sadie’s…more club soda. I didn’t have the heart to suggest a friend-date with Matt, the bartender. Besides feeling that it is tacky to ask some out who’s working for your tips, my friend Heather was already aggressively playing Yenta to our mutual embarrassment. The least I could do was not add to it. For the record, if anyone working at Sadie’s is reading this – Matt and Martha both rock. They know how to treat their regulars….and their regulars’ friends.

Here’s the problem: I LIKE being alone sometimes. And I’m a pretty busy girl who’s trying to cut down on alcohol and spend less money. Not to mention I’m exhausted. Even this blog is hard – I’m sick of talking about me!! (What do YOU want me to talk about?) So far, I haven’t even pushed myself and asked anyone out without the help of a mutual friend. In short, I’ve had it easy for 2 weeks and I’m still tired!

Most of the time, I forget that I’m doing the summer of like. Saturday morning I went with my dog to the downtown growers market. It was nice just to stroll by and…well, “window” shop. I experienced something new, I had fun, at least 10 people told me my dog was gorgeous… does it matter that I didn’t ask someone to be my new friend?

My goal this week is to get it together. I CAN do it all. My work out schedule has suffered under this new social regime. I’m trying to be a foster mom to a new puppy- that requires time. Work is picking up. My #1 hobby is also picking up. Thankfully, I’m a multi-tasker at heart; I’m crossing my fingers that my usual functional-only-when-stretched-to-the-limits time management skills will kick in soon, and then I will kick ass.

In the meantime…conversation starters? Free places to hang out and meet people? Advice? Encouragement?? How can I make a blog all about me be not so much…..all about me?

Thanks, ~sol

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  1. Hey there, I saw your posting on duke city fix, and got interested in your experiment, partially because it sounds a lot like something I would do.... I can totally understand where you are coming from. I'm also grad student at UNM who is rather dissatisfied with my limited social circle, and i also have a dog! :) Maybe we could combine forces?