Monday, June 29, 2009

Got my mojo workin' (Part One)

Ever have one of those nights where you wonder what on earth you are sending out, and if you can somehow bottle it up for later?  Pheromones? My new favorite soft t-shirt? Or maybe a smile that screams "summer of like?"  

Friday night is turning out to be Fun Night. The fact that I have work/play obligations most other nights probably has something to do with this, but Friday and I are having a terrific run.
I went to Anodyne for S's birthday.  It was nice to be somewhere familiar again, after the exploration of new places like One Up, Imbibe, and Nob Hill Bar & Grill.  (How I long for Gecko's, O'Neils, and Marble....)  but I digress.  

I parked farther away from downtown than necessary- too far for heels and walking alone, that is.  Like Jason and Odysseus before me, I found myself blindly pulling my ship (ok, car) over and parking somewhere near the courthouse, lured by eerily angelic sounds coming from one of the buildings.  Some kind of choir? I still don't know, but it was surreal and beautiful.  The moon was low, the sky shifting from dusk to night.  I had visions of my wandering into some unknown abbey, my friday night outfit lost upon the humbly spiritual beings I was certain to find inside.  A quiet man with deep, dark, careworn eyes would find me and convert me into a spiritually-accessible person, and thus would begin the most profound discovery of the summer of like.   Then I got cat-called from a passing car, and the spell was broken.  

Anodyne was blissfully casual.  For most of the night, I was the lone girl at a table of 6 guys, but that's my comfort zone- I come from a male-laden family.  I quickly introduced myself to Mike, the only one I didn't know.  Then the texts started coming.  I have a new roommate for a month. He is from Austin (so we'll call him 'A'), doing a rotation here, and is fun and down for hanging out.  A: Could I come to a party?  P: Could I come to Nob Hill? Decisions, decisions...for now, love the one(s) you're with. Make friends of your acquaintances. Ask questions. Laugh.  And then one of them will offer to walk you to your car, the location of which you may or may not remember, only that it sounds pretty over there. He will also ask for your phone number.  Yes, it was that easy.

Relocated to Nob Hill B&G - I am quickly becoming a fan of their Friday night dj. Met up with A & P. Sailed in at 1:00am, just in time for last call, when the lights blaze on and people have a few precious moments to extricate themselves from any pending bad decisions. It usually doesn't work.  (PS: Really? Department store dressing room lighting at 1 am?? You couldn't wait till 1:40? Come ON!!)

I saw Matt there - I met him a little over a week ago.  He's a fun, goofy dancer- world, please take note- you can never have too many of these.  He invited me to a pool/dance party, and was incidentally also the only person that night who did not seem to think I was being vague/sarcastic about accepting the connection.  (My mojo may have been working, but my verbal communication skills were apparently way off.)  

I also met L.  I will admit that the "wrong" things tend to impress me.  To be specific, the absence of game.  In my mind, it equals the absence of bs.  The briefer, the better.  L and I exchanged a fleeting glance across the room, but apparently it was enough.  The magic of 1 am, perhaps??  He came over, asked if he could steal me away (at this point, I was talking/dancing with 3 male friends---can we say confidence?) and when he did, informed me that if it was okay, he would be approaching me soon to dance with me.  Although he didn't really dance, he did come back. This time he informed me that I would be giving him my phone number, so he could ask me out and cook me dinner.  I like dinner.  I also like not having to answer questions about what I do, etc. (Name this movie: "I don't really like talking about my flair.") Ok, so maybe it still is game. But at least it's my kind of game.

The next day, L invited me to his baseball game and out afterwards.  I couldn't make it out, but I did manage to put the ball field on my running route and stop by.  To his "1 am" credit, he recognized me in my play clothes, splotchy and sweaty, and still came over to chat when he wasn't at bat.  He also sounded willing to take me to a driving range... but dinner has yet to be scheduled.  

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