Monday, June 29, 2009

...but it just don't work on you (Part Two)

I realized that I've been blogging primarily my success stories.  Don't fear - I've had my fair share of failures, too.  They're just brief, and don't warrant much conversation.  But here SOME of them are, in all their glory.

1) The time I took advice from my readers and tried to find people in places that hold common interest 
I went to Stone Age climbing gym with some people from work. There was a little too much testosterone in our little group, and I quickly found my eyes wandering the walls for small, feminine hands occupying the handholds.  Those posters don't lie- the climbing gym is NOT the place to distract others from the task at hand.  It requires as much focus as forearm strength. No new connections, but I'm not giving up.  I always have fun when I go there, even though I find myself shaking from fatigue in about 30 minutes if I forego the harness.  
PS- This in no way implies that I disagree with people and think I can't meet people here, or at the dog park, etc. 

2) The time I was most deluded/strategic/manipulative.
I totally went to the REI summer sale in the hopes of finding an outdoorsy man with gear. There is simply no other way to disguise it.  The hilarious part of it is that I went at the most random time - the only free time I had- and was practically the only one in the store. Surprisingly, no independently-wealthy, curly brown-haired, scruffy man looking like he fell out of the mountains of Colorado came to my assistance in buying a sleeping bag.  Go figure.  So I guilt-purchased some Shot Blocks, a collapsable doggie water/food bowl, and a camel back.   (I used them all that weekend and am VERY pleased with my purchases.  I must seek out new places to hike and camp now.)

3) The time I was told, upon suggesting we branch out of email communications and hang out sometime, that "facebook friends are forever." Ouch. 

4) The time I thought I might meet people with my head under water.
I went to Cochiti Lake for a 3 mile swim.  It rained, so not many people were there.  Nature further conspired against me and had me swimming against the wind both ways, which was more mentally than physically exhausting as I kept getting thrown off course.  Me and the lake bonded a little, though. And the view of the storm coming in over the mountains was breathtaking from the water. 

5) The time I almost got to say "Can I take your wood?"
Hiking with my girl friend in the mountains.  We are in a place we probably shouldn't be - I'm pretty sure it's government owned and not open to public hiking.  Dogs are off-leash. And we are loading our arms up with felled logs and kindling that has been suspiciously left lying around.  I really wish you had pulled over to reprimand us, Mr. Forest Ranger... sigh...
A second chance came when he passed by us again, this time we are in my car already. Despite my friend's excited urging, I did not slam the car in reverse and chase him down to ask about the wood.  Because friend, EVERYONE waves to each other when driving on dirt roads. It's just what you do. 

I have even failed myself and not done several things I still want to do:
Carlsbad caverns
Whitewater rafting (never been here in NM)
Driving range (definitely need instruction on this)
Tent rocks
Movies at civic plaza
Pretty much anything outside, anything with water, anywhere I haven't been yet... including Barelas coffee house and El Modelo, still.