Tuesday, June 16, 2009

on second thought...

Hello! since my last disgruntled post of the Summer of Like, I fostered a puppy and got it adopted (hooray! hurray!) I went to a modern dance show - wild dancing west, week 2. I danced until I dripped sweat at Burt's Tiki Lounge on a Thursday night for the first time. I also went to Sophia's place for breakfast for the first time- yummy yummy blue corn pancakes. I asked out no one. And had a restful week.

Sunday I had a revelation. Without going into too much detail, I realized that I don't think I am interested in dating. It really IS the Summer of Like...and Nothing Else.
Briefly: "So you are trying to meet as many people as possible."
"But you don't want to kiss any of them"
"Yes. I mean no. I mean, I'm pretty sure kissing's a surefire way to complicate potential friendships."
"Ok then."
So. Kind of a baptism-by-fire means to a realization, but time-appropriate nonetheless.

Today, Tuesday, was different. I went out to Imbibe by myself. Sans wingman, sans mutual acquaintance. I will be brutally honest here- I had nothing but low expectations for Imbibe- any place that is voted the #1 "place to be seen" is usually not for me. I went there only because it was 9pm on a Tuesday, within walking distance (if I wear comfy shoes, which I did not - OUCH!) and it has a rooftop bar. I walked upstairs - it was pretty dead, for the most part- and saw my blonde counterpart sitting at a fire table. Alone. Trendy yet nerdy. Eager eyes.

B is from Portland, visiting family. And is totally my new BFF. And I HATE the term BFF. I asked if I could share a table with her, and she replied "Please. I was hoping someone would join me." We quickly barreled into the kind of divulgences afforded only by two women who are certain they will never see each other again. One drink later, we are having a blast. Two drinks in, we are joined by three men (my last post has taught me to use aliases or initials again.) :)

So, in one night, as far as I'm concerned, I've met my 2 people/week minimum. B and I are going to try and get together for lunch before she leaves town on Saturday. We'll see what happens with bachelor # 2. By the time I left Imbibe (12am) the downstairs had become the place that, personally, my nightmares are made of. Crowded, tan, lots of skin, and wayyyyyyy to trendy for a Tuesday night. And yet the night provided an amazing connection. I can always count on Albuquerque for such conundrums.

Non-sequitor post script: I am convinced that 1:00 am on a "tuesday" (technically wednesday) is the best time to watch Flashdance.

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